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In Netto Semperiperi's documents was labelled a large document called

Netto Semperiperi's documents was labelled a large document called"what thereafter".It boiled down to this Waar kom ek an die ding? Eerlik waar ek kan glad nie onthou nie, ek het dit seker n jaar terug of minder iewers af gelaai. Het nou weer ondek toe ek krap. Meskien weet iemand van die ding ek weet nie, ma ek het gedink dis iets intresant.
This powerful nation has collapsed under the weight of our constant pressure. They have been weighed and measured and found wanting. They have been demasculated as a nation. Their children are now to be slaves and there women are now to be the concubines of another race - do these people not know as a nation when they have been defeated ? their wealth has made them too insular and too polarised. They are their own worst enemy. The desire for large houses swimming pools and basic wealth is their downfall. Now there has to be a period of consolidation, evening of scores and levelling of playing fields. The issues are too great and to complex for any government to create a solution for, therefore we must have a period of time which allows this naturally (perhaps 10 — 15 years). 1. The laws of society in the new South Africa must be relaxed and allow for the "Natural redistribution of wealth by all", giving everyone (mainly the disadvantaged) the opportunity to gain, and settle old scores... a man with no camera must go and get one, a man with no tv must fetch his own, a child without a bicycle and clothes must harvest and so on. Relaxing the judicial system will allow this. Positional entrenchment in business - simply fill seats in business - skills will come later - we must have our people occupying any position of even relative importance in every aspect of the new society. Our teachers, clerks, heads of departments etc etc - the old race must now take the so called place of the hewers of wood and the drawers of water.2. The men and the military of the South African war machine must be fragmented and demasculated by all possible means - starting financially. The women must be raped and where appropriate beaten into submission to pass this submissiveness on to their children. The rape of the women is a tactic which will divide and demoralise the men completely- and destroy the family unity and strong religious beliefs and unity of the Afrikaners - this combined with financial crippling using the states powers and the financial institutions to manipulate the exchange rate, investments, the JSE and interest rates -albeit temporarily - will not only subdue them, but force them to concentrate on personal survival rather than nation politics. 3. The wealth of the existing nation must be removed - by using extensive "creative book keeping" in both small and large multinationals wealth can be transferred seamlessly to new and more deserving individuals, coupled with the states control of authoritative bodies such as the Inland Revenue it will be possible for the state to cloak the removal of wealth from "Peter" and pass it on silently to "Paul". Where the state does this, it must be remembered that the support of "Paul" can always be counted on in the future. The land reform is simple - an example - A single farm must be bought in the midst of a white wealthy farming area.Squatters en mass must be entrenched there. Gradually like termites they will devour everything around them, a farm implement here, a lawnmower there, a fence post here, a tractor tyre there. This process will erode the value of the entire area and gradually, in time the area will be entrenched by and with squatters.Eventually physical crime will surface, large scale theft, rape, robbery and murder - with the police overwhelmed by priorities all the small issues and natural redistribution of wealth will be ignored. The constant erosion of wealth, financial loss and danger will cause devaluation on a greater scale than ever. On top of this neglection of facilities, electricity supply, water, roads, public transport all add to the compound interest value of the effort. Should the state desire then to "purchase "such properties - the value will be negligible.lf not, these properties can be reclaimed at a later date - squatters have no legal rights. The entire white wealth in land can be eroded in this manner. Schools, populated housing areas, business parks, churches, sports facilities -everything.4. The derogatory and inflammatory events and practices of the past by both camps needs to be analysed - praising our victories openly and blaming every possible failure and cause thereof on the Afrikaner nation and the colonial system before them. Criminals must get treatment - but as in the past favour one for the other - it is simple; The criminal element have a valuable role to play. There is much to do and lots of time to do it in. It is very simple in practice -whatever happens this role reversal must not enjoy a reference - it cannot exist even by nickname it has and never must have a name. My common reference to it must be stamped out at source. We have our work cut out -(This is an extract from that document - although not word for word, but almost....)And so on and so on and so on but that is the bones of it - and it has come to pass

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Volksaamtrek Bloemfontein 1 Mei 2007

1 Mei 2007

Wees daar!

Kom luister na Prof Tobie Louw en ander bekende vryheidstryders by hierdie Republikeinse-saamtrek.


Elke dag van elke week lees ons in die koerante en hoor ons oor die radio en TV hoe ons mense vermoor word. En elke keer moet ons lees “genoeg is genoeg” maar môre begin ons maar weer. Dit is nou tyd — voordat u die volgende is om te sê tot hiertoe en nie verder nie!

Wie is volgende?

Ons vrouens?
Ons dogters?
Ons seuns?
Ons kleinkinders?
Ons vriende?
Of onsself?

Die polisie en weermag wil en kan ons nie regtig help nie, en in sommige gevalle vorm hulle magte toenemend die speerpunt van die aanslag teen alles wat wit en wat Boer is.

Op onsself aangewese

Ons het duidelik die punt bereik waarop ons op onsself aangewese is om die Orde in ons vaderland te herstel. As ons dit nie self doen nie, gaan niemand dit vir ons doen nie. Die voortbestaan van ons volk en die toekoms van ons kinders is op die spel en hulle lewens rus in ons hande. U durf nie langer versuim of wag tot die tragedie u geliefdes tref nie.
Daar is ‘n oplossing:

Kom ons neem ons lotgevalle in ons eie hande. Niemand gaan na ons kyk as ons dit self nie doen nie.
Ons moet ons vryheid terugkry om onsself te beskerm.

Die herstel van die twee Boererepublieke is ‘n voorvereiste sodat ons onsself kan beskerm.

Vir nadere besonderhede skakel die organiseerders:
Piet Rudolph 012-376 1944/072 419 3516
Manie van Schalkwyk 082 922 7756
Juan Terblanche (011) 660-5774/082 690 1950
Riaan Smith 015-491 8801/078 320 9959
Lettie Kriel (057) 899 2120/083 411 1930
Dominic du Plessis (051) 448-7640/072 229 7555
Emile Gordon 073 661 9333
Gustav Styles 083 644 3322
Reynhardt de Villiers 076 826 3113

Tot die aanvang van ‘n
Nasionale Volksmobilisasie


Dinsdag 1Mei 2007 -10h00

Prof Tobie Louw
Dries Kriel (Orde Boerevolk OVS)
Piet Rudolph (Orde Boerevolk TVL)

Voorwaarts -
In lamfer en rou
maar tot die dood getrou!!!



Die opsetlike vernietiging van 'n Afrikanergedenkteke n op Standerton dui op 'n 'n nuwe laagtepunt in die verhouding tussen Afrikaners en die huidige bewind. Aanvanklik is die Afrikaner-erfenis, soos die Afrikaanse taal, bloot afgeskeep en van openbare fondse ontneem. Tans word die Afrikanererfenis aktief vernietig.
Soos ons en ander deskundiges reeds in die onlangse verlede aangedui het, bevind Suid-Afrika hom reeds in 'n laegraadse etniese konflik. Die soort simboliese aanval op die Afrikanergemeenskap wat op Standerton deur die burgemeesteres, mev. Queen Radebe-Khumalo, geloods is deur 'n gedenksteen vir die 150-jarige viering van die Groot Trek te laat platstoot, is tipies van sulke konflikte.
Hoe langer die Afrikaner hom deur mooipraatjiese en propaganda oor "versoening" laat mislei, hoe meer aggressief gaan sy vyande teen hom optree. Ons voeg ons stem by dié van elke ander Afrikaanse organisasie wat namens ons hele volk ons woede en teleurstelling uitspreek oor hierdie sinnelose daad van aggressie wat Queen (nogal) Radebe-Khumalo gepleeg het.
Die enigste logiese gevolgtrekking hieruit is dat daar geen plek meer vir die Afrikaner in Suid-Afrika is nie en dat die strewe na 'n eie grondgebied en staat dringend en wyd gepropageer moet word.
Ook tydens dr. Roodt se deelname aan 'n radiogesprek gisteraand op Kaya FM oor rassekwotas in sport, was dit vir hom duidelik dat die swart omroeper en luisteraars so in besit geneem is deur swart rassenasionalisme dat enige redelike debat onmoontlik was.
Die vernietiging van die Groot Trek-gedenkteken op Standerton staan in die teken van die toenemende onverdraagsaamheid en aggressie wat deur swart nasionalisme en selfs anti-wit rassisme in Suid-Afrika veroorsaak word. Ons kan dit nie langer ignoreer nie.
Kontakpersoon: Dan Roodt 0824901036